Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Review

We are really excited to be bringing the full range of Uppercut Deluxe products to the UK (and Europe of course!) We are huge fans of the brand - their hair products are fantastic and we love the vibrant, pugilistic imagery on the tins (although curiously none of the boxers appear to be executing an uppercut!)

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a water-soluble pomade with a dark caramel colouring and an awesome coconut, almost caramel-like scent (It reminds us of dark spiced rum - no bad thing!). When I first started using it I was tempted to just open the tin and take in that smell - certainly one of the best smelling pomades out there!

I applied the product into dry hair as it advises and found it to be quite thick for a water-based pomade but it was easy to comb through my hair. I was also able to use a little water to chase the few stray hairs that tend to be quite stubborn and refuse to lie flat! You do need to work reasonably quickly once it is in your hair as it starts to dry quite quickly (as do most water-based pomades - a little water should reactivate it if you do let it dry and need to re-comb it)

The product dries to a light shine and provides very strong hold, in this regard I would say it is one of the best water-based pomades out there. I find that it holds my hair in place all day long and even when I run my fingers through it, the structure remains but I get a slightly more matte look - perfect for hitting the pub after work!

As you might expect from a water-soluble pomade it washes out easily and doesn't leave any residue or build up. All in all I find it to be a really versatile product and a great addition to my arsenal of grooming products. The only things I would say is that it doesn't offer too much shine - if you need this then consider trying their oil-based (but still washes out fairly easily) Monster Hold product. It also needs to be combed through your hair pretty quickly otherwise it can become more difficult to use (as I say, a little water helps but don't use too much as it will leave your hair feeling a little too 'crispy').

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade